Participate in The Community

We believe that small actions create big impact.

Participate in The Community-based

People with a disability usually find it challenging to interact and engage in activities in a social setting. At QCDS, we understand how much community participation can change a person’s well-being, that is why we have been constantly working towards establishing an environment that engages people and encourages them to interact more freely in a person-centred manner.

Reach your full potential

At Quality Care Disability Services, we do everything thoughtfully for you to reach your full potential. We ensure that we meet the standards of Quality & Safeguarding.

Assistance with Community Participation at QCDS

Are your goals and aspirations to contribute to your community and access the community for social and recreational activities!

QCDS will support you to achieve your NDIS goals either individually or with peers with similar interests as you. Whether you want to go to the movies, attend church, attend community events, café outings or volunteer, our experienced and motivated staff will support you to achieve your goals.