Daily Task of Shared Living

At Quality Care Disability Services, we will create an environment that provides you an opportunity to increase and maintain your independence, to be your own person and enjoy the responsibilities and freedoms of everyday life, all the while knowing you have our support to back you up. 

Daily Task of Shared Living

Each person with a disability have varied needs in terms of support and assistance. However, your NDIS plan has several provisions available under different categories. At Quality Care Disability Services, the support and assistance that we provide are available to all those who are living in a supported accommodation and can differ according to their own needs.

Live as independent as possible

Support is provided to the participant in accordance to their needs, with a focus on developing skills of each individual to live as independent as possible. We support you to achieve your goals in supported living arrangements. Our disability support staff will support you using person-centered approaches to support you with daily living tasks such as personal care, meal preparation, shopping and general house work.

Our Daily Task of Shared Living services

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) in a shared living accommodation on long term or permanent basis. Together, we’ll work with you through every step, as you progress towards your new shared living arrangement, and ensure your home reflects who you are with the individualised support you need.
  • Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) support while waiting for long term or permanent accommodation
  • Short Term Accommodation (STA) / Respite or short stay in our cosy home.
  • Independent Living Options (ILO) / Drop-in supports in your own home.


Before moving into your new home, we get to know what is important to you. Some of the things to think about would include:

  • Where will your home be
  • Who will you live with?
  • How can we best work alongside you to prepare you for the move?
  • Together we will agree on an overall plan that works for everyone.


To make sure your move into your new home is an enjoyable experience, we will work with you on some practical things and plan together including:

  • What kind of staff are you looking for?
  • What skills and shared interests would you like them to have?
  • What equipment do you need?
  • What furniture needs to be purchased?


We will spend time getting to know you even better once you have moved in. We want to understand more about what you need and want to be able to live your best life. We will continue to review, discuss and check-in with you and your support networks.