About Us

We believe that small actions create big impact.

Quality Care Disability Services

National Disability Insurance Scheme has made it possible for people living with a disability to have independence, control over their lives and choose for themselves the type and quality of services they need to live their own best life. Quality Care Disability Services was formed with this concept in mind to provide community support services in New South Wales. At Quality Care Disability Services, we aim to provide support in different locations in NSW and employment to experienced and passionate people including those with a disability. We are committed to use person centered supports with a model of active support. Our disability support process plans to make sure that each person is supported towards their goals as they evolve and grow. We make sure to look after what is important to you. We strive to comply with and exceed all standards required under State and Federal legislation. 

We believe that small actions create big impact. We stop and really listen to hear how you are. We believe that a more inclusive world for people with disability is possible and we know our everyday actions will help create it. We are excited about the future and all the great things that are possible when we work together in collaboration.

Our Vision

To make a positive difference in our community by providing person centred quality services to meet individual needs. We redefine care and support.

How may we assist you?

Quality Care Disability Services Values

QCDS’s Values guide the way we conduct ourselves. This includes how we interact with our clients, community and business partners and how we treat each other.


We put the customer at the centre of all planning and include stakeholders that are important to the customers’ life


We support and assist you to achieve your full potential to empower your life to the fullest. We recognise the rights and choices of the customer, employees and the community. We encourage teamwork and support diversity within the team.


We strive to identify and create value from partnerships and alliances with other organisations, agencies, businesses, communities and within our own organisation. We create heartfelt relationships based on trust.


We believe that individuals and communities should be encouraged and supported to realise their full potential, therefore we actively listen to your needs and strive for excellence and best practice in all that we do.